Terminator 4

Terminator 4 Review


6 comments on “Terminator 4

  1. Was it just me, or did every single one of the submarine scenes look as if it were on a shitty Sega CD game? The lights in the background, the computer displays, they all looked awful.

  2. Hahaha! You raise some solid points my friend. I also appreciate the special condolences to me at the end. I always feel that the biggest thing missing from the movie is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Without him, there’s not a lot of point in doing future Terminator productions, because every other terminator ever (besides Summer Glau) just makes you wish it were him instead. Teminator Salvation would have been more entertaining if it were just Schwarzenegger (circa 1991) being all Terminator-y with a bunch of nobodies. I didn’t need Christian Bale to dump all over everything.

    P.S. I forever will feel terrible about that crash. I’ve still got my Watchmen graphic novel that somehow made it through unscathed, and it always reminds me of it, as does driving down the Red Hill, which I do basically every day now.

    • Dude, don’t. Hell you weren’t even in the car! Besides everyone made it out unscathed. Also I’m kind of overselling the car thing the point out just how fucking awful this movie was. Oh and yea Summer Glau was an awesome terminator. Why just 2 seasons!?

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