Zulu Review Part 1

Zulu Review Part 2


2 comments on “Zulu

  1. It’s nice to see someone who like me watched Zulu at an early age, normally around boxing day/Christmas it use to be on. But I have seen it so many times, grew up with this movie and couldn’t wait till the next time it would come on. But now I got the DVD’s and I can safely say I think it’s my favourite film of all time.

  2. I truly love this film, it’s soooo well done! Favourite film by far. Colour Sergeant Bourne has to be the best character too, his few lines are just epic. I hate those who complain about this film calling it racist etc. If you forget like the 4 historical inaccuracies that are just people holding the wrong guns or a hill that’s not supposed to be there then it has to be the best war film ever made.

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